Flexxonn Corp ™

+ Reduces Lateral Sliding in Turns
+ Reduces Forward Sliding Upon Hoof Landing

+ Improved Blood Circulation in the Hoof

+ Improved Hoof Wall Growth
+ Prevents Common Injuries During Turns
= Outstanding Value

Flexxonn hoof builder improves blood circulation and reduces strain in the hoof.
Reducing strain in the horse hoof will save horse owners a lot of money.
A healthy hoof remains healthy. A contracted hoof becomes healthy.


Age Old Problems


New Age Solutions
Flexxonn Shoes forgive incorrect farriery.

  1. Numbness
  2. Pain
  3. Lameness
  4. Reduced body blood circulation
  5. $195 million spent on veterinary treatments per year on lameness in the U.S. alone.*
  6. 110 days of lost use annually for each horse, on average.*

    *1998 USDA agricultural study.
  1. Improves body and hoof blood circulation.
  2. Provides nutrients for hoof growth.
  3. Flexing provides shock absorption for joints, tendons and ligaments.
  4. Flexxonn shoes weigh less, and cause less strain on distance runners.
Flexxonn hoof builders function like artificial heart pumps.

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